What do you see when you look at these candles? Possibly candles that look like they are weeping or candles slouching with bad posture.

  1. Do you wonder, how did they get that way?
  2. Why are some candles straight and others leaning over?
  3. Why aren’t they fixed?

Let’s look at one question at a time…

1. How did they get that way?

I was out of town for the weekend and returned to a home that was a bit warmer than when I left. My air conditioner stopped working, in the summer time, in Arizona. As I was looking for my AMAZING AC person’s phone number, I heard a clunk in the house. I looked but didn’t see anything. Then I heard it again and again. I started to think, the AC issue is the least of my concerns right now; a burglar is in my house!

As I looked around, I didn’t find anyone. I’m not sure what I would have done if I did find anyone, so it worked out well. But I did notice there were now candles on the floor. The clunk was some of the candles falling out of the holder onto the floor because they were leaning over too much. I busted out laughing and moved to my next question.

2. Why are some candles straight and others leaning over?

I have no clue.

  • All the candles were bought and put in the candelabra at the same time
  • All levels of the candelabra have candles leaning, so it wasn’t the level of the heat
  • All sides of the candelabra have candles leaning, so it wasn’t the direction of the heat
  • There was no one else in the house to put the candles on the floor

Since logic couldn’t explain it I still asked, what made some the candles withstand the same situation yet stay erect? I determined it was an individual perspective; a will, a trait, manufacture advantage, learned skill, attitude that allowed some to overcome and others to fall. I know they are candles, but I could relate to the concept of perspective in my own life to explain some of the unexplainable things. Did some of the candles think, “Finally, we get a sauna spa treatment!” while others thought, “I’m going to die a slow death!” And those thoughts determined the degree to which they leaned, causing them to fall.

3. Why have I not fixed the candles, now that the AC is fixed?

For three reasons:

  1. It’s a daily visual reminder that I get to choose the perspective I want in any given situation
  2. It’s a beautiful display of character that reminds me of this experience. It’s now become an art piece in my home
  3. It’s a great conversation piece: if someone notices the candles and is curious they may want to ask about them

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