Speaker topics

  • Know the power of being in the present moment for ease
  • Boundaries vs. judgments, how to discover your own power within
  • Deepen your relationships by living authentically
  • Break through fears to become comfortable being uncomfortable

About The Presentation

This will be an interactive presentation with active engagement. We inspire our audience and give them the tools they need to take action. By creating immediate results, we help the audience internalize the message for greater impact down the road.

Benefits of Having a Speaker

  • Get comfortable and adventurous living in the unknown
  • Discover how to be in a relationship without losing yourself
  • Uncover the invisible roadblocks that are holding you back and become more motivated and inspired
  • Learn the importance of connecting authentically and how to do it
  • Know your boundaries and communicate in a way that makes people hear them
  • Break through fear with ease
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“I wasn’t the only one who liked it. People talked to Tanya after quite a bit, came up and asked her questions because they wanted more. And when the audience wants more, you know the speaker has done a good job. If everybody can’t wait to get out, that’s one thing. And when Tanya was speaker, more of the people stayed around because they wanted more from her, and that speaks volumes.”

Erich, Project Manager