Who is this For?

  • Employee morale is low among the culture and it’s impacting business initiatives/outcomes
  • Your team isn’t working cohesively
  • The workload is overwhelming and it’s taking too long
  • Your employees are now working from home and need to discover how to set effective boundaries to maintain productivity
  • The team inspiration seems flat

What will you get?

  • Your teams are driving initiatives forward in a prompt manner
  • Employee morale is uplifted amidst the overall culture and it’s impacting business initiatives/outcomes for the betterment
  • Overall projects are getting completed faster

“At the non-profit center where I work, my co-workers kept borrowing my stapler and not bringing it back. I chose not to confront  them and as a result my anger kept increasing to the point where I thought about walking away. When I spoke to Tanya at Keats Coaching about this situation she asked me incisive questions and helped me examine my true reasons for wanting to leave this job.  She framed her questions in such a way as to make me think about things in a completely different way.  Afterward, I realized it wasn’t totally about the stapler.  It was about my inability to speak up for myself to my co-workers. Tanya made me realize that walking away wasn’t the only path I could take, and I made a decision that this situation wasn’t worth me walking away from a job that I otherwise enjoyed.  I realized that I wanted to continue at the center, and learn to be more assertive. As my anger about the situation dissipated, I became excited about returning to work. Now, I am learning to be more assertive, learning what my particular anger triggers are, and learning to manage my expectations. Tanya is one of the most authentic life coaches I’ve ever spoken with and I highly recommend her methods as they truly produce results.”

Casey, Project Manager

How will I accomplish this?